Man is Shocked When a Huge Hole Opens in Driveway to Secret Room

An immaculate discovery was now discovered!

Out in the United Kingdom, Simon Marks pulled into his driveway one day just like he normally did any other day coming home.  However this time he thought a sink hole had just erupted near the flowerbed of his home.

He was thinking the worst at this point that his home would be swallowed up by this massive sink hole, so he took some quick pictures and sent them to his father.

Simon then grabbed a ladder and took a camera down to see what was in this huge hole and he discovered some shocking things.  He found himself viewing two distinctive rooms and his father thought they might be WWII era raid shelters made from concrete lintels.  This room was filled with mud that contained old glass bottles and vintage newspapers.

The shelter was at least five feet deep and might have been constructed after a German bomb landed close to the house during the war.  Simon bought the house from a couple who built it in the 1970’s.

This is definitely part of history and you can see the video below.  What do you think this shelter was used for?


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