This 9 Year Old Gets Thousands of Dollars from Mom to Become “Barbie Doll”

Many toddler and even older girls today are into Barbie’s and also pretending to be a princess which is normal.  If you have ever been to Disney World, it’s all about being a princess in a magical kingdom while you are there and they make every effort to be sure each girl feels that way.

What isn’t normal are parents that spend over $600 a month on items for their daughter to dress up and be a barbie like doll.  However, this can be justified by entering into beauty pageants which is what this 9 year old girl from Peterborough England does.  She’s pampered with fake nails, eyelashes, hair extensions, and princess dresses (not the cheap ones you see at Walmart).

The mother says that her daughter loves participating in pageants and wish she would have done it sooner.  She does send her daughter to school make up free and without being dolled up like a Barbie, however most people may not agree with doing beauty pageants at such a young age.

Do you agree?

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