Man Attaches A Brutal Note To His Dog’s Collar Before Dumping It Outside Dunkin’ Donuts

People can stoop to such lows that it makes you want to scream. Recently, in New Mexico, the team at Santa Fe Animal Services got a call about an abandoned dog. Witnesses saw a man leave the dog in the parking lot at a Dunkin’ Donuts. There were surveillance cameras in the parking lot, but the man’s license plate was not on camera – the camera did capture his face.

Credit: Santa Fe Police

Authorities are reaching out for help in identifying the man you see in the picture. In a press release, the Santa Fe police said that the man opened his car dog and let the dog out. The dog had a note tied around her neck. The heartless man then stood in line and got himself some coffee.

Credit: Santa Fe Police

His loyal dog followed him to the door of Dunkin Donuts and back to the car, the man did not even pause when he had gotten back into the car he just took off leaving the dog to fend for herself. If that wasn’t bad enough, the note tied around her neck said she was having babies.

Credit: Santa Fe Police

So not only did this man dump his dog – he dumped her when she needed him most. If he had been a responsible pet owner, she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant. Santa Fe Animal services have the dog in custody, and she is doing well. They have not yet determined if she is pregnant, but say she is friendly and loves to be around people.

Credit: Santa Fe Police

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