After Daughter Goes To College, Heartbroken Dog Receives A Heartwarming Surprise!

Nothing is more heartbreaking for a family is when the kids all grow up and move out. While some family members (like younger human siblings) may find life at home nicer without their older (and perhaps, meaner) sibling – there is a hole. They call it empty nest syndrome. Annie grew up and moved out when she went to college.

Image Credit: Annie Shi

She left behind her fur baby, Tara. No one could explain to Tara why Annie was no longer around. Tara and Annie had slept in the same be every night. Now, Tara had lost her friend. Annie asked that her parents keep her updated on how Tara was getting on. Annie’s parents showed her just how much trouble Annie was having at home.

Image Credit: Annie Shi

Annie’s parents let Tara in the bedroom she shared with her BFF. When Tart found the room empty, she was always crestfallen and walked away dejected. The room used to be her favorite place in the whole house, now it was empty and cold. Annie’s dad couldn’t stand to see Tara so sad. So he now uses the room as his office.

Image Credit: Annie Shi

If you look closely, you can see that Tara is laying on the bed! Tara won’t go in the room unless someone is there with her. Annie thinks that her dad gets some comfort by working in that room too! So, it is a win-win! The new routine has Tara and Annie’s dad growing closer.

Image Credit: Annie Shi

Annie won’t ever be replaced, but having a new friend helps fill that empty hole in Tara’s heart! Share away, people!

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