Family Does Something Extra Special For Their Dog So He Doesn’t Feel ‘Left Out’!

Celebrating milestones with your family is part of growing up. You probably got to some money from the tooth fairy when you lost your first tooth. When you graduated from school, relatives sent cards and gifts. If you ever broke a bone, you had a cast that loved ones could sign. All of those events are the memories we can reflect back on when we are older. But what about your dog?

Credit: Pamela Dufresne

Shouldn’t they have happy milestone memories too? Well, Olivia Dufresne thought so! When the family’s four-legged member, named Yogi, turned 12, they did something very special! You see, in Quebec, when a child turns 12 years old, they graduate from elementary school.

Credit: Pamela Dufresne

Since Yogi, a Maltese-Yorkie-Shih Tzu mix, was 12, he graduated – well, sort of! According to the family, Yogi is a valuable family member, and he is a big part of their lives. The family claims that Yogi knows some words other dogs don’t and that he is always there to offer an ear. Yogi’s sisters. Pam and Olivia, always pretend that Yogi was human and that he would one day go to school, play on sports teams, and ever graduate.

Credit: Pamela Dufresne

They were not going to let his 12 years on earth pass without doing something special! Check out this graduation photo! It even has a special place of honor on the wall in the family home! The sisters replaced a baby photo with Yogi’s graduation picture! The sisters used photoshop to create this family memory!

Credit: Pamela Dufresne

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