For The Love Of Pancakes, Sneaky Dog Accidentally Sets House On Fire!

Losing everything in a house fire is one of the worst things you can imagine. Recently in Massachusetts, the Southwick Fire Department posted a video from a homeowner who almost went through that situation. The cause of the near tragedy was the family dog. The family left the dog alone in the house, but the security camera recorded the incident.

You will see the dog walk into the kitchen and take some bites of pancake that were sitting on the stove. Look at the far right of the screen. When she jumped up, she unknowingly turned on a burner! At about the one-minute mark you will see the flames growing larger on the stove!

The house started to fill with smoke, and the guilty dog and her accomplice are very aware that something is terribly wrong. The house was wired with an emergency system, and fire and police were dispatched to the house. The fire department chief, Russell Anderson, reported that the dogs were fine and that the family has asked to remain anonymous.

Anderson admitted that this was the first time he has seen a dog cause a fire! It is easy to blame the dogs for this, but luckily no one was hurt, and there wasn’t much property damage. Lesson learned.

In the future, don’t leave food out on the stove that your dogs can get to – you never know what could end up happening! You can also invest in safety covers for the stove knobs.

Feature Image Source: Southwick Fire Department


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