Man Spots Scared And Abandoned Puppy Wrapped In A Blanket And Dumped In A Ditch

In Houston, Texas, Ricardo D’Amico was out riding his bicycle when he saw a small puppy in need of help. Actually, what Ricardo saw as he was racing down the quiet road that Sunday morning was a blanket in a ditch. He stopped and looked inside – that is when he saw the terrified puppy.

The black and white puppy was so ill that he couldn’t move. He also seemed to have a wound on his body. Ricardo reached out to his friend, LaChrystal Ricke, who happens to be the director and chief operator for Reggie’s Friends, a rescue organization.

At first, everyone thought the dog has been tossed out of a car and left to fend for himself. But the wounds and amount of blood loss didn’t match with that assumption. The puppy was taken to BluePearl Veterinary Partners for assessment.

They found no obvious source of trauma that could explain the loss of blood. After some tests, they found out the puppy had been poisoned with rat poison! The level of poison in his blood was at 400%. They immediately gave the dog plasma and blood transfusions, but his chances of survival were not good.

Happily, the puppy survived the night and has been getting better ever since! He finally was released from the hospital and went into foster care! His name is Lincoln, and we think he is a very dashing dude! Lincoln is getting stronger every day and is having fun playing with his siblings!

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Feature Image Source: Reggie’s Friends


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