Injured Dog Finds The Perfect Best Friend And Together They Help Each Other Heal

Christmas should be a time of joy and happiness for everyone. But last Christmas was a turning point in the life of a golden retriever named Charlie. Late in the evening, a call came in to the Trio Animal Foundation, Chicago that a man had thrown acid onto the back of a dog.

The foundation was contacted by a family, who had found the dog after the man had dropped him off. In the meantime, Charlie the retriever needed emergency medical help. The painful acid burns covered most of his back and shoulders – and he had had them for a few days before being turned into the foundation as well.

Charlie was turned in to the Delavan Lakes Vet Clinic in Wisconsin, who had to perform various procedures to make sure his skin healed the best it could. Charlie was then partnered with a support dog called Hazel Grace, who helped him regain his cheerful personality and his confidence. He was now ready for family life.

Now, Charlie lives with his new family. His mum Lagioia said they recognized him as their dog the moment they saw him and there was no question that he would be living with them. Now, he’s loved and cherished just as he deserves to be.

Not all stories like Charlie’s have a happy ending. Don’t overlook mistreated dogs in shelters – they have just as much love to give as any other pup!

Chicago Police are still on the lookout for the perpetrator of Charlie’s wounds, if you have any information make sure to contact them.


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