Woman Adopts Senior Dog Only To Realize She’s Loved Her Since She Was 10!

Very few things are as heartbreaking as having to give up your beloved family pet. People give up pets for a variety of reasons – and most of the time it’s not the pet’s fault – but everyone suffers in the process. However, this sad story had a happy ending for once in the case of Nicole and Chloe.

Credit: Nicole Renae

As a child, Nicole Renae was forced to give up her puppy to the local branch of The Humane Society because of her father’s new job. She was heartbroken for having to give up her loyal pooch. The family was sure that little Chloe wouldn’t have any trouble finding a good home because of her friendly, loving nature. Still, Nicole was heartbroken and didn’t forget her friend.

Credit: Nicole Renae

Years later, Nicole now had a family of her own and was looking for a puppy to adopt for her young daughter. She knew that having a dog had really made her childhood happier and she wanted that experience for her own little girl. Nicole came across a Facebook post about a senior dog up for adoption – and upon closer look, she recognised the puppy as her own dog, Chloe.

Credit: Nicole Renae

Her family didn’t want to believe her, until a microchip scan proved it – Nicole had found her childhood friend. They were both overjoyed to have met again after all these years. At 11 years old, Chloe is now back in Nicole’s life for good.

Credit: Nicole Renae

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Feature Image Source: Nicole Renae

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