Heartbroken Woman Lost Her Dog, Then 11 Years Later She Received A Message On Facebook

When Iris Candelaria first met Bebe the Maltese-Yorkie mix, she was going through a period of depression. But the look on his face was all it took to convince her that it was time for her family to get a dog.

The adorable pup fit right in at home with her daughters and always wanted to snuggle.

But just a little over a year later, Bebe disappeared from the secure, well-fenced yard. Iris contacted shelters and plastered “missing dog” posters all over her neighborhood, but news never came. The heartbreak never really went away, but eventually, she was able to adopt two new pups – both pit bulls – and even take in a stray later on.

What Iris wasn’t expecting was that 11 years later, she would receive a Facebook message from a veterinary office that had found Bebe and scanned his microchip. He was in a state of severe neglect: his fur was badly matted, his paw was injured, and he was missing several teeth. But none of that mattered to Iris: all that mattered was that she had finally found her pup again.

Bebe spent a couple more days healing at the vet’s, and then he met Iris for the first time in more than ten years. The pup immediately recognized her, leaping at her and covering her in kisses.

Bebe now lives back at home with his family again, where he’s been fitting in well with his new furry siblings. Although his age shows in some ways, he’s just as at home as he’s ever been and has inspired Iris to believe in miracles.

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Feature Image Source: Iris Candelaria

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