Loving Pig Grabs A Mouthful Of Hay And Brings It To His Sick Brother Everyday

Henry and Horton are two pigs who were first found abandoned, malnourished, anemic, and infested with parasites and ticks alone in their barn. Terrified of any people they saw, they stayed huddled together as The Gentle Barn slowly worked to earn their trust with plenty of tasty snacks.

As the two pigs began to heal, they became more trusting and affectionate, grew fatter, and began to love being outdoors. But as they turned just one year old.

Horton began to exhibit a common health issue faced by many pigs raised and bred for food – his legs were unable to support his body’s weight.

But luckily for Horton, Henry was looking out for him. Although Horton had to spend more days lying in his barn and Henry still wandered around, Henry ensured that Horton had all he needed.

He would bring food, hay, and other items to him, and if Horton made a single noise from his bed, Henry would come rushing over.

Pigs have always been known to form deep, emotional bonds with those who they are close two, and these pig brothers are just proof of that love.

Henry and Horton are always looking out for each other, and Henry doesn’t seem to mind the extra responsibilities!


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