Heartbroken Dog Hides In The Doghouse After Family Mercilessly Abandons Her

Pamela was a dog who may have never received the care she deserved for most of her life. But when her family was evicted, she went from living in her tiny, broken down doghouse of eight years to having no home at all.

Speranza Animal Rescue’s founder, Janine Guido, was contacted about this situation through the realtor of the home, and she arrived to pick the dog up. Pamela was terrified and heartbroken, with the saddest look in her eyes that could break anyone’s heart and too much fright to do more than hide in her crate and growl at anyone she saw.

Luckily, Guido has plenty of experience making pups feel more safe, welcome, and happy. Slowly, Pamela began to open up to her.

It wasn’t long before she trusted Guido, followed her on walks, and became increasingly clingy – giving her loads of kisses, hugs, and following Guido around everywhere!

Pamela is still nervous about the sudden changes happening in her life, so she’ll be staying with Guido’s organization for a while longer as she recovers, but she’s making great progress.

Soon, she’ll be ready for adoption into a loving forever home, just like she deserves!


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