No One Wanted To Touch Or Adopt This Cat, Then 1 Year Later Everyone’s Jaw Dropped

As a cat with sarcoptic mange, Valentino had been ignored by many who were worried about catching his condition. The condition was so bad that his eyes were heavily swollen and could not open. Alone, the blinded kitten cried in her Los Angeles animal shelter cage.

Then the founder of the At-Choo Foundation, Elaine Seamans, saw the poor kitty in his small prison. He reached out towards her and meowed the tiniest meow imaginable, and Elaine knew she had to help. Despite his condition, she picked him up and cuddled him, and the precious cat immediately leaned against her happily.

Credit: John Hwang

Elaine spoke to the founder of Leave No Paws Behind, Toby Wisneski, and he was happy to help the cat recover and help him find a home when he was better. Thus, Valentino’s treatment began, and he revealed himself to be a strong and tough kitty. He pulled through his treatment, opened his eyes again, and showered everyone who helped him with love.

Credit: Leave No Paws Behind

Valentino now lives in a foster home, where he is completely unrecognizable from the sick kitten he once was. He’s completely fearless and happily approaches anyone new he meets and takes on all sorts of challenges in being a mischief-seeker.

Credit: Leave No Paws Behind

Though he is still recovering, he is looking forward to a happy, healthy life ahead of him!

Feature Image Source: John Hwang

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