Clever Dog Doesn’t Want To Be Left Out So He Creates His Personal Peephole!

Melody Eby, her two dogs, and her family made the move to South Bend, Indiana, and settled into their new home well. They hadn’t met their immediate next door neighbor as she worked nights and wasn’t home when they were, but little did they know that they would soon come into contact with different kinds of neighbors in a much more adorable way!

Eby’s two dogs loved to play outside, and their yard was separated from their neighbors by a chain link fence. Through this gate, the neighbor’s dogs loved to watch Eby’s pets run and play. Eventually, along with other renovation efforts, Eby’s family put up an opaque white fence, which prevented the neighboring dogs from watching anymore.

Credit: Melody Eby

But one day, Eby came out into the garden and received a shock when she noticed eyes peering at her from underneath the fence! As it turns out, the dogs next door had missed watching the action from her pups and had dug a hole beneath the new gate to continue being an audience!

Credit: Melody Eby

The hole has continued to grow since then, and now the next door dogs can fit a whole pup face through it! Eby’s dogs have begun to befriend them, too, and now often wait by the hole in the ground from them to poke their heads through. Eby has also noticed that her dogs sometimes come back to the house with toys that aren’t their own, presumably borrowing them from the neighbor dogs!

Credit: Melody Eby

So what will happen when the hole gets big enough for the dogs to come through to the other side? Eby expects a big party! We can’t wait to see when that happens!

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