Kitten Born With Extra Pair Of Ears Finds The Perfect Home To Love And Heal

When this little kitten was discovered by rescuers with his siblings under a house in Geelong, Australia, his unique appearance immediately made an impression. The little kit had an extra set of small ears in front of his “normal” ones, and his right eye was very deformed.

As soon as the kitten arrived at Geelong Animal Welfare Society, staff and volunteers quickly found out about the unique addition to their center. One volunteer, Georgia Anderson, was especially taken by him when she went to see him after he had surgery to remove the deformed eye.

Despite being in pain, the little kitten immediately took to Georgia and began displaying signs of affection, purring and rubbing his cheeks on her when she picked him up. His one-eyed appearance and the scar that ran down his face earned him the name Frankenkitten, or Frankie for short.

Georgia decided to foster Frankie as he healed, adding him to her home of three other cats and a beagle dog, as well as other fostered animals that came and went. But Frankie fit so well into her home and brightened up her world so much that Georgia knew she would regret it if she had to let him go, so she decided to adopt him instead.

As a kitten with genetic issues, Frankie still has other hurdles to overcome. His large overbite means that he will have to get his lower canines removed when they’ve fully grown in and his upper canines will likely stick out like a vampire’s once they grow. But for now, the kitten is right at home in his loving new forever home, winking at everyone he meets and zooming through the house at full speed, getting up to mischief like any normal, healthy kitten does!

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