Loving Woman Rescues Dog Tied To A Tree With A Sad Note Attached To His Collar

When the code compliance officer of Prince George County, Virginia, headed into the woods to investigate a case of littering where someone discarded a mattress on county property, she hadn’t expected to find something else entirely in that quiet spot in the overgrowth. Tied to a tree was a black Labrador and husky mix. Next to him was a half-finished, tied-up bag of dog food, and there was a note taped to his collar that contained a heartbreaking letter left by his previous owner.

The letter stated that the dog’s name was Zeus and that his owner had become unable to afford to care for him anymore, and it included some other details about the pup’s health, personality, and temperament. Volunteers from the Prince George County Animal Shelter arrived to pick up the pup.

Though he had clearly been well cared for up to that point, leaving him out in the cold could have ended in disaster if no one had happened to pass by that remote are of the woods, leaving staff to wonder why Zeus’ previous owner hadn’t just brought the pup to the shelter directly.

Zeus’ sweet personality and gentle manners meant the shelter knew he would find a home soon, so they posted about him on Facebook. Katherine Elliott, who had just lost her family dog of 13 years, happened upon the post and fell head over heels in love with Zeus’ kind eyes.

Zeus now enjoys a happy and comfortable life in his new forever home, where he is spoiled rotten, has three dog beds, a big yard to play in, and all the tummy rubs he could ever hope for!

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