Different Looking Puppy Finds The Best Big Brother To Help Her Love And Grow!

Dogs born with cleft palates are often abandoned or euthanized due to the misconception that they won’t survive. Quigley was one of these pups. Born to a breeder, she was abandoned – but luckily, she and her brother Hansel, who also has a cleft palate, were taken in by an organization that has plenty of experience with cleft palate puppies: Mac’s Mission, a rescue for special needs dogs.

Credit: Rochelle Steffen

The organization’s founder and director, Rochelle Steffen, knew the second she laid eyes on Quigley that this was not a pup she would be ready to let go of. As the foster parent to countless dogs, she originally planned to only take in little Quigley for foster care, but she soon knew she would have to adopt the precious little pooch.

Credit: Rochelle Steffen

Steffen also owns one other dog: Mac, the inspiration behind the rescue group and the one who gave it its name. Mac has spent years helping to care for the dogs who pass through as foster pets, all thanks to his intuitive knack and paternal nature. But now, he finally was getting a permanent baby sister – and he couldn’t be more excited about it! It was love at first sight for them.

Credit: Rochelle Steffen

Although Quigley faces challenges when eating and drinking, they will all slowly be overcome as she grows older. As far as she’s concerned, she doesn’t notice that she’s any different to any of her other dog siblings, and she’s loving her new life in her happy forever home!

Credit: Rochelle Steffen

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