One Trick to be More ‘Patient’ With Your Kids Without Blowing Up…

The “Struggle is Real” in parenting. It has it’s highs and many times lows.

For example, take this 37 year old stay at home Mom – Stacy Hill, who has to manage the kids day and night. This includes getting them dressed, making them breakfast, getting to school on time, you know the regular duties of parenting. But she also has to be a referee in the morning and tell her daughter Sloan to stop fighting with her younger brother Brody. Then it’s a constant reminder of telling them to eat breakfast, brush their teeth, put their clothes away, and the list goes on. Sound familiar?

Finally after the kiddos are at school, now Stacy comes home to a messy house that looks like a tornado just went through it. She is constantly picking up dirty laundry, chewed up toys from the dog, and organizing all the fun crafts that came home from school. Stacy barely has time to get a quick at home work out in, shower, and eat lunch.

Before you know it, 2:15 is right around the corner and now it’s time to wait in the 1 hour pick-up line and get the kiddos from school. It’s gymnastics night for Sloan so she has to run her there just in time to get Brody over to baseball practice. At this point, she’s about stressed to the max before the kids even get in the car.

Kiddos are all geared up from a full day at school and are right back where they left off in the morning arguing over the Cheez-it’s in the snack bag.

How does Stacy manage it all? Well she is part of a growing trend of Millennials and Gen X’s that are taking RELAX strips to help manage the anxiety and stress.

On a day she knows it’s going to be high stress, I say, ‘Let me just grab my RELAX strips.’ Stacy says it makes her feel really calm and takes her anxiety from a 10 to a 3.

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