How a 36-Year-Old Mother of Two Manages Her Anxiety

Alyssa is a 36-year-old mother of two from California. She has a history of anxiety attacks and chronic arthritis, which has prevented her from living a normal life. On top of that, she had a bad skiing accident on our family vacation a few years ago and have been experiencing chronic back and knee pain ever since.

“Since my diagnosis, I tried various exercises for my back pain. I spent hours every day meditating to help with my anxiety attacks. I was even given a high dose of Oxycontin to help manage my pain, but they made me nauseous, foggy headed and always craving for more.”

“I tried natural supplements but none of them worked. I tried various therapies like massages, chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture yet those didn’t help either. At one point, I was even considering a $5,000 surgery! But I read about horrible side effects from others online. Plus, I couldn’t afford to dig myself deeper into financial debt. So I decided to keep searching. One day, while watching an episode of The Doctor, I heard Dr. Henry Adams talk about a natural solution to anxiety..[..]Read More

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