About Us

Trendish is a brand new way that you can enjoy taking surveys each day while being rewarded in doing so.  How so you ask?  Well I’m sure you have heard of survey sites where you can get paid to fill out surveys but most of them are just scams.  We’ve set out to give you a fun and unique user experience unlike you would find on a typical survey site to make you want to and enjoy using our site to be rewarded with not only gift cards, cash, but prizes in our monthly giveaways.

You see, survey sites have always gotten a bad wrap because of  many reasons such as it’s hard to tell which sites are legit, how to find the highest paying surveys, and much more.  We wanted to solve that problem, by listing only legitimate survey companies that will pay you for doing various tasks online.  These can be found here.

Now it gets even better.  Not only can you earn real money and rewards from the companies listed above, but we offer you the ability to earn rewards, cash, and prizes just from viewing our trending stories and engaging with our content like commenting and sharing.  Everyone that registers to our site has the opportunity to win!  So with Trendish, we want you to have some fun and be rewarded for doing things you would normally do anyway each day like reading trending stories and earning even more cash by taking surveys from the sites we recommend.

There are going to be many more opportunities for our members like weekly giveaways, live spin to wins, and more.  So make sure you are registered to our site to get all the benefits.